Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Green not interested in buying Debenhams

Sir Philip Green, who has tried twice to buy Marks and Spencers, has now heard rumours that he was going to buy Debenhams, he was quick to deny them talking to Thomas Financial News. Green said: "Debenhams is of no interest to us whatsoever, We've not looked at it, and we've got no intention of looking at it."

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Green To Buy Barneys?

Philip Green has now put his money into buying more shops as it has been rumoured that the billionaire is considering buying Barneys in New York. Green said: "If it's seriously for sale, it's well within our capability."

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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Kate Moss and her Topshop debut

Now some of the chaos over Kate Moss' clothes has died down, in my opinion it was completely blown out of proportion.
Appearing in nearly every newspaper and causing havoc on Oxford Street, when she made a 12 second appearence in the window.
This fiasco is bound to of made Mr Green even more millions, but when going to look at the clothes myself, it has to be said, they werent amazing.
Yes, some of the clothes were nice, but very highly priced for what they are. I heard many people, including myself comment on how the sizing was totally off, not everyone has a super model figure like Kate.
Despite this, many people are making their own profits on the clothes by selling them on ebay, with items like the £45 Daisy print dress going for £110.

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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Topshop To Crack America

One of the most popular Arcadia stores, Topshop, is now to set to launch some of its range in American department store Barneys.
The store which already has 97 outlets overseas, will now be launching parts of the Kate Moss range in the popular department store.
With this expansion, Green is also planning to launch over 100 more stores overseas with flagship stores in Paris. Green said: "This is a massive opportunity to reshape the future".
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Thursday, 22 March 2007

More on the sweatshops

Through doing this blog and researching further into the Arcadia group, I've been finding more and more information out about where and in what conditions the clothes that so many people wear, are made in.

To be honest, I never thought before this blog, in what sort of enviroment the clothes were made in and what treatment the people that makes them suffers. I've found another site that looks further into the factories where the Arcadia groups clothes are made.

With many of the workers interviewed talking of the poor conditions, but Philip Green saying that according to an audit produced for its clients by Bureau Veritas, there are no serious problems at the factory. I think this site is definately worth a look through.

Click here to be taken to the site.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Big Birthday Spend For Green And Party

It was a big birthday spend for Green and around 100 of his dearest companions, with names such as Simon Cowell and fellow Croydonian Kate Moss being rumoured to be making an appearence.

Its been said that the millionaire, to celebrate his 55th birthday flew his 100 guests by private jet to the the exclusive Maldives resort of Soneva Fushi, an eco-spa on a private Indian Ocean island.

The top secret event is said to be going over five-days paid for by the ever so genrerous Sir Philip Green. With guests being told only to "pack your shorts and be prepared for a long-haul flight".

This is reminiscent of Sir Philip Green's 50th birthday bash, at which, his friend BBC's buisness editor, Jeff Randall, describes Mr Green as: "unconventional, outspoken (often abrasive) and ridiculously wealthy".

Although Sir Philip Green has a love of ostentation, is it right when the world is trying to find ways to battle global warming that Sir Philip and his party will: "leave a heavy carbon footprint; each of his guests will generate 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide on their 17,000km round trip"?
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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Arcadia and sweatshops

If you ever wondered where and in what conditions, the clothes you buy and wear were made in, click here to find out more.

It contains a detailed account of what the Arcadia group say the conditions of where and how their clothes are made, but also looks at what people found when they investigated the sweatshops.